Our Fall 2018 Issue Has Been Released

The Left Attempts Too Ice, ICE


If we can count on the left to continuously do one thing right, it is to continuously reach new highs in low! On June 17th, a group called Occupy ICE PDX , started a protest at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Portland, OR and successfully shut down the office for two weeks. This was one response of a multi-pronged attack to the Trump administrations policy of “zero tolerance” of border crossers. While the left hemmed and hawed about the Trump administration separating parents from children at the border, they continued to show their hypocrisy since this policy was also in effect under the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations yet there were no protests or media coverage anywhere. In fact, only 16% of these kids were separated from a parent or guardian. The other 84% were separated from a non-relative or guardian adult. 

Those Migrant Assistance Groups Aren't Just Helping Migrants


Groups such as Humane Borders, No Mas Muertes and Border Angels, no doubt well intentioned, can be easily manipulated into providing resupply drops for drug smugglers. Furthermore, members of said groups have been caught on several occasions tampering with sensors and cameras placed in strategic locations to detect illegal alien and smuggling traffic. 

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California's Sanctuary City Battle

It started with just one town but has now spread to many, many more towns and counties across California. They are fighting back against the liberal state's policy of "Illegals First"! See our complete list of which towns and counties are on our side!

Part 2 Of Our Story On How Smugglers Defeat Border Technology

  In our inaugural issue of American Border Magazine we brought you the first part of our two part series on how smugglers defeat border technology. We covered ground sensors, thermal and night vision capabilities and how the smugglers counter those. In this issue we will cover less on the technology angle but detail how the smugglers attempt to hide their tracks on the trails and washes that litter the desert as they bring their loads through. Plus we will explain the communications aspect and how they utilize it. One must remember that it may be true that while it is United States territory they are crossing, the smugglers and coyotes know that land like the back of their hand. Remember, this is their full time job.  

Much More In Every Issue

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Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

We pay tribute to those on the front lines who have fallen in the line of duty