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Human Trade- Trafficking Children At The Border

The reality of what truly goes on at our borders is known only to a few. Crossing illegally to the United States comes at a price, especially if also crossing through Mexican territory. Migrants are often attacked and/or robbed and they also have to pay a fee to cross through Mexico, either to the authorities or the cartel. Failure to do so means they might not be heard from again. However, not all aliens are migrating, some of them are being “delivered” in the age-old practice of human trade. 

A Border Rancher's Life

Jim Chilton is a 5th generation rancher and this ranch has been in his family since the 1980s. Located in the Altar Valley southwest of Tucson, Arizona, It is just Jim and a few cowboys to work all this land and oversee almost one thousand head of cattle in four herds. Land he owns and land he leases totals fifty thousand acres. With a big ranch on the border come’s even bigger problems in the form of all sorts of illicit activity. Since Jim opened shop here, he has seen a dramatic increase in illegal aliens and drug traffickers using his ranch as part of their smuggling networks. Unfortunately, he has also come across quite a few dead bodies also

National Guard Deploys Once Again


In the first week of April of this year, President Trump signed a Memorandum ordering the National Guard to deploy to the southern border to assist Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Border Patrol (BP) in securing the border. Immediately the mainstream media pounced, claiming the President was playing politics with border security even though their favorite President, Barrack Obama, did the exact same thing with ordering troops to the border with Operation Phalanx in 2010. 

How Smugglers Defeat Border Security

Border Patrol began responding to the anticipated traffic and increased citizen reports.  Ground sensors were placed on active trails and thermal image cameras installed on trucks were deployed.  Smugglers learned the locations of these sensors by sending scouts north while others sat on the south side to observe the response.  Thermal image systems were very effective at night but only in open areas.  Once a group moved into a wooded area or through high brush they were hard to spot.

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Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

We pay tribute to those on the front lines who have fallen in the line of duty