Our Winter 2019 Issue Has Been Released


The UN Global Pact on Migration


Read about the UN's attempt to force countries to accept migrants.

Broken Border!


If you have been halfway paying attention to the news you would know that there are some real problems going on with our borders, but that’s not even half of it. In fact, what’s reported is not even ten percent of it. There's a real storm brewing at our borders and don’t be fooled, they’re not remotely secure, not even close. If anything, they’re more porous than ever. online magazine newspapers and magazines

Operation Gatekeeper

Was it a success? From our story...

 However, there were many inside Border Patrol who did not agree with that perception. Operation Gatekeeper was wildly unpopular among Border Patrol Agents were forced to man a fixed position and take no action, other than reporting via radio, if they observed illegal aliens crossing in their sector. Due to manpower shortages and equipment failures the second and third tiers supporting the fixed positions evaporated; leaving the first tier as the first, and only, line of defense at the border 

Border Facts and Figures

Our new column to be in every issue going forward. We interpret the media's reporting and give you the correct meaning behind what they say!

Reporting on D.C.

Our column, "The Swamp Monitor" keeps you up to date on newly introduced legislation in both Houses of Congress.

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

We pay tribute to those on the front lines who have fallen in the line of duty